Stories from domestic and abroad.

Travel is glamorous only in retrospect

Paul Theroux

These are stories of a non-writer, more so ramblings of what is outside the shot of the camera frame.

Contained are recipes, escapades, and spiels.

The Langhe

Now that truffle season is coming and it’s getting time to open those bottles of Barolo, I figured I should recap a weekend in the Langhe. Nestled in the south of Piemonte in North‑Western Italy lies the Langhe,…

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Caffè Pasticceria Piccardo

Imperia, Liguria, Italy | 43°53′N 8°2′E Piazza Dante Alighieri, 2, 18100 Imperia IM, Italy Caffè Pasticceria Piccardo was founded in 1905 by Giacomo Piccardo in Oneglia, now joined with Porto Maurizio creating the City of Imperia. Located in…

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An often-overlooked part of the Italian coast is the island of Sardinia and the French Island of Corsica in the Tyrrhenian Sea. With the heavy influence of maritime trade, the spread of traditional drinks has extended to other regions…

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The Caffès of Turin

The great Italian philosopher and novelist Umberto Eco once said “Without Italy, Turin would be more or less the same thing. But without Turin, Italy would be very different.” There are few cities in the world that can…

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Monaco & its Grand Prix

In memoriam of the 2020 Monaco Grand Prix being cancelled, I decided to look back to the past. While re-watching Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 film To Catch a Thief starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, I noticed the substantial…

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Citroën Traction Avant

It is so fascinating to see a beautiful driving example of an early 20th century saloon car in a stunning petrol blue. Although the Citroën Traction Avant is not as iconic as the Roll Royce’s and Mercedes-Benz’s of…

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