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Good as New, But As Treasured as Old

In a Quest for Refinement

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In a world where people constantly desire faster, cheaper, and superior quality products and experiences, it is often that quality and refinement get compromised. This is because by definition quality and refinement are labour and time-intensive, and substantially have higher costs. Because of this, more often than not the desire for instant-satisfaction results in the consumption of faster and cheaper products with disregard to their quality. In my opinion, it is essential to seek, to wait longer, and sometimes to pay more to have a product that has an outstanding quality. Such products will last longer and have a timeless fashion in comparison with all those cheap and fast products that are consumed and thrown away almost immediately.

Anyone can be a Gentleman.

The way one presents themself serves three main purposes: 1. It enhances one’s self-satisfaction/esteem, 2. It is one’s primary and most immediate means of self-expression, 3. It defines how one will be perceived by other individuals upon a first impression. To present one’s self as a Gentleman, one does not need tailored suits, a Patek Philippe, a Bentley, or to conduct an ostentatious lifestyle. A true Gentleman is recognized by their character.


Travelling abroad makes the appreciation of timekeeping and the timepieces themselves all the more influential.


Cars are mobile artworks. Serving a simple purpose, they manage to have as much personality as the people who drive them


It is said that looking the part is half of the battle, and a fine suit is one’s armour.


Food, coffee, cocktails, etc. all the things that look as good as they taste.


Travelling is the ultimate form of learning: an open-minded experience letting you connect to new cultures, customs, and people.

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” —Oscar de la Renta


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