Amalfi Trousers by Claudio Mariani

It appears to be a trend on Instagram amongst men’s fashion pages: Side-Adjusted High Waisted Trousers. Is this a bad thing? Am I complaining once again about some trend? No. I for one am a big fan of this style.

Often, in my opinion, the main barrier of getting into men’s clothing, especially of finely crafted sartorial works, is the price. Like all high-end markets it is an intimidating and common deterrent of many niche spaces. As a younger person, or one who is lacking in financial resources, or both, it is very difficult to enter these spaces even if the fascination is present. The other is finding what one wants exactly without having to go completely custom, which is not a bad experience but time consuming, which in return can persuade some interested parties away. 

The quality of custom or small batch products are hard to beat as they are handmade with good intentional design, unlike many larger brands who offer similar products at a slightly cheaper price (~$20-$50 less). Plus, there is the novelty of having a beautiful piece of clothing from Italy from where this style was truly developed, but I digress for another article.

So, the optimum situation is having affordable variety, yet maintaining the aspects of the original high quality item. It is truly asking for your cake and eating it too; however, I may have found a “baker” who can.

 To note I bought the Amalfi fit in white, size 46 IT.

These trousers are just fantastic in my opinion, a great colour, fabric texture, and breathability all without becoming too transparent, a way to common occurrence with light coloured trousers. Although simple, the choice of buttons is nice as they all work together properly in all parts of the trousers.  The finishes go beyond just the exterior components like buttons, the interior lined panels of the pockets and structure line up nicely and do not show through the outside panels. The stitching is clean and calculated with its spacing being consistent throughout the garment. There is an attention to detail and care, that I believe is often overlooked for convenience, carried out through the construction of these trousers.

As a tall and lean athletic guy with a small waist and larger legs most clothes do not fit well off the rack as the proportions often do not match my own. I end up looking like the hulk ripping through his shorts or a guy who wants to show off his quads, sadly not looks I want to aspire to. The trousers have great proportions, a well and accurately fitted waist, a comfortably yet tapering hips and crotch, and a nice leg tapering off. Like all good trousers they come unfinished/unhemmed and long with a nice amount of fabric to complete them. These trousers are bold; hence I chose a bold cuff 2”/5cm to finish off the look, adding a nice contrast with the triple pleat at the top. 

In the time of lockdown many brands have been making gifts, from normal surgical masks to hand sanitizers. Claudio Mariani took it a step farther with a beautiful mask that is as functional and stylish, another plus is that when it is not on it can act as a pocket square. ~Stylish and safe. ~

Head over to Claudio Mariani and have a look, hope you are as pleased as I am.

Disclaimer: These opinions are that of my own and not influenced by external parties in any form as the product was purchased by myself with no intention of retroactive compensation from Claudio Mariani or any other party. This is not a paid advertisement [but hey the second one can be ;)]

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