Cultural Vagabond’s 2020 Gift Guide

Shopping can be difficult, even more so without the ability to easily go browse your local high street. I am here to give a hand with some perfect one-and-done gift ideas.

Aspinal of London Travel Watch Roll


A simple yet overlooked element of a watch lover’s collection. It is the perfect gift for the traveler who enjoys having 2 different timepieces on a trip.

Persol 649


Born from the trolley’s of Turin the Persol 649 is an iconic frame that has adorned the faces from Steve McQueen to Daniel Craig. With the same iconic shape in a brown tortoise-transparent acetate the new 649 gets a whole new aesthetic.

E. Marinella Napoli Silk Glasses Case


Glasses cases can be bulky and tricky to hide in a nice suit jacket, yet you do not want to scratch your expensive lenses. The thin silk case in one of E. Marinella’s beautiful patterns serves to protect those expensive lenses and spice up an outfit at the same time.

Theo & Harris “The Holly” Watch Strap


A new watch strap is a great way to change up a daily adorned timepiece and get in the holiday spirit. The Holly by the Theo & Harris Watch Shop is a great way to do so in a a beautiful gloss green lizard leather.

Liberty London Simon Carter Cufflinks


With a simple addition of jewelry, a boring outfit can be elevated to a whole new level. An often-forgotten item is cufflinks, the Simon Carter Rope Edge Cufflinks are classic enough with it’s silver rope edging, but adds some bravados with its green inlay.

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Discovery Collection


With the weather getting nippy and day’s shorter a “cuppa” is ever more appealing. With this beautiful mix of tea’s, one is bound to find a new favourite.

Baratti & Milano Assorted Chocolates


Why not gift a taste of Turin to someone you care for? With a variety of delicious chocolates an assortment of Baratti & Milano is a great alternative to the conventional chocolate gifts.

Hermès Tarmac Passport Holder


Most passports are quite bulky, either with too many pockets or padded enough to sleep on as pillow on a transatlantic redeye. The Tarmac is slender, sleek, and thin, a perfect mix for the travel on the go.

Louis Vuitton City Guide


One of cheapest items from Louis Vuitton, yet one of the most useful. Louis Vuitton City Guide’s are one of my personal favourite tools for learning about a new city before embarking. With an ever growing collection they serve as a great companion for new adventures.

Thomas Farthing Blue Diamond Pattern Scarf – Merino Wool


A scarf is a great accessory to add some variety to winter outfits, where wearing the same coat can be an everyday occurrence. In a supple Merino lambswool, this scarf serves as a great barrier from the winter cold

Montblanc Notebook #146


Great ideas require great canvases, and the Montblanc line-up of notebooks serves this purpose well. Encased in a beautiful leather binding these notebooks are as durable as they are elegant.

Saphir Medaille d’Or Pommadier Shoe Cream


Winter can be harsh on dress shoes of any brand making upkeep even more important. Arguablly the best shoe care brand in the world, Saphir shoe creams will protect shoes as well make them look better than they ever have.

Fauré Le Page 2-Cigar Case


Armscase maker turned luxury bag company, any item by Faure Le Page is a worthy addition to your arsenal.  With a beautiful pattern this case will show your good taste in fashion and cigars alike.

LEGO 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0


Are zoom meetings getting boring? Why not enjoy building a Porsche 911 as you earn a salary to afford one.

Claudio Mariani Trousers


There is an attention to detail and care carried out through the construction of these trousers that will make you feel like a million dollars. The classic side-adjusted high waisted trousers are bold and comfortable making them a great addition to a wardrobe.

Cultural Vagabond

$ Zero

Why not gift the gentleman or gentlemen in your life of knowledge? By following or recommending my Instagram or blog along with any of the gifts above they will be bound to learn something new.

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