A Weekend Away: Seven Sisters, East Sussex, UK

An often-overlooked part of this area, the Cuckmere Haven, is a hidden splendour amongst the rugged coast. With its expansive flood plain and rolling pastures on both sides, it’s a unique change of scenery. This otherworldly locale is also great for a short weekend outside of London, being only 2 hours away by train from London Waterloo Station.

In the centre of the Cuckmere Haven is a 16th Century farmhouse turned quaint  B&B facing the Seven Sisters National Park. Being made of 5 incredibly cosy rooms and a café to match, offering one of the most authentic and truly homemade English breakfasts I have ever had. In particular, the Seaview room has a great view of all the Cuckmere Haven and surrounding pastures.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhhh Bah Baaaahhhh Bahhh”

In conclusion, although Seven Sisters has become a more fashionable tourist destination in the past years, their intrinsic and timeless beauty cannot be ignored and is worth to be seen in person residing at Saltmarsh Farmhouse.

To find out more about the beautiful Saltmarsh Farmhouse follow the link below. https://www.saltmarshfarmhouse.co.uk/

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